W.I.P Wednesday: Digital Painting

WIP Wednesday

I have been struggling to get out of bed all week and this morning wasn’t any different. Once up and about I realised that my mood wasn’t going to improve on it’s own so I took a ‘mental health day’. In other words, instead of sitting at my desk working on the few projects I have at the moment, I sat outside in a beautiful cane rocking chair with my Marley-puppy on my lap and drank large cups of tea.

I scanned Instagram every now and then ’cause somedays it helps just to sit back and look at pretty things. I came across the work of Australian artist Sandra Eterovic (whom I ADORE – Her artwork is gracing my banner for this post) and found myself scrolling through her work on pinterest and then . . .



For the first time in DAYS I found myself actually wanting to create something, to try something, to learn something . . . So I got right onto it!

I went to my iPad and brought up an illustration I did last week. I love the line work and the placement but after I tried (and failed) to add colour with my polychromos (I wasn’t happy with the saturation of colour or the texture) I decided to tackle it digitally in the style of Eterovic. She uses actual paints for her artworks and I would eventually like to be able to achieve what she does with paints also so as I worked on this piece today I tried to layer and use colours as though I were painting on paper.


I made sure the ‘outline’ layer was at the top so I could see where I needed to be working but I also wanted to be able to take away the line work and still see a well formed, familiar face. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, It was soothing . . .


I’ll hopefully finish the rest of the ‘painting’ over the next few days, but I am so happy with it so far.

People around me tell me I should be happy with the illustrations and art that I create digitally, and I am, but there always seems to be this part of me that wants to prove to the world that I can do ‘real’ art too. That’s crazy . . . Right? Maybe I feel this way because doing art digitally comes so naturally to me (its downright easy sometimes) and isn’t art meant to be hard? Or maybe its because I’m a sucker for a good challenge, I love to challenge myself . . . Or maybe its my ‘inner critic’ telling me I can do more, spurring me on to greater things . . . 

I’m waiting on some water-soluble oil paints to arrive by post so I guess once I have them I’ll give this oil painting caper a go.

Until next time nerds xoxo






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