Count your blessings . . .


On this deliciously perfect summer Monday morning I find myself musing on the blessings that surround me. 

I had the pleasure this weekend of travelling to a place I absolutely ADORE to join in the celebrations of a dear old friends 30th birthday. It was wonderful to catch up with extended family (We stayed with cousins) and more dear friends (at the party) as though no time had passed since our last meeting = Blessing #1 – being with people around whom you feel you can be your genuine self.

I knew that I wanted to give Morgan something special so on the Monday before the party I decided to start brainstorming something that I had been wanting to do FOR YEARS!

[A bit of backstory – When I was little (primary school) I had a wonderful tight-nit group of friends in western sydney (around the Hawksbury area). My Father was in the RAAF and so inevitably we were ‘posted’ north to Ipswich, QLD when I was 10 and so I had to leave the only friends I had ever known behind. I remember putting on a pretty brave face, but deep down it was brutal. For a few years we all consistently wrote letters back and forth and I would spend my nights in bed scheming of ways to ‘escape’ from Ipswich so I could get back to where I believed I belonged. Over time though, one must grow up and so I did. The letters gradually stopped as everyone moved on with their lives, but I NEVER once stopped thinking about those girls and how much I missed them. Fast-forward to the age of Facebook and suddenly we were all able to reconnect as young adults and I was OVER THE MOON! Since I finally moved back to Gods own country (NSW) nearly five years ago we have all made the effort to keep up with each other at least once a year (I always try to tone down just how completely and utterly neurotically excited I am anytime I see them – I still can’t believe that I got them all back . . .That sounded REALLY neurotic didn’t it? lol) and every time we see each other it is like no time has passed. I feel so blessed that it was a part of God’s plan to bring us all back together in the way He has, in His perfect timing = Blessing #2 – God’s plans for us far exceeding anything we can plan for ourselves.]

So you can probably see where this is going now . . . For years the only photos that I had of any of us where the professional school photos and I always wished I had something more. Id dream of what those photos would look like and every now and then toy with the idea of just drawing some but I wanted them to be perfect and so I never started.


Blessing #3 – How amazingly blessed am I that I now have the ability to create and draw that I always wanted!

I had a very clear picture in mind and set to work on my trusty IpadPro.


Once I had the outlines the way I wanted them I set to work on the tartan uniform pattern = Blessing #4 – Technology . . . It would have been extremely arduous and no doubt exhausting if I had to try to paint the tartan the old fashioned way, instead, I used procreate on my iPad (one word – LAYERS! Sooooooo gooooood) and it took an hour. Once the tartan was done I added colour and shading and though I was so pleased with how it looked at this point I felt like it was missing something. The graphic designer in me wasn’t quite satisfied with these adorable girls floating in space.


[above: The finished piece]


I just had to show you a picture of it in the frame, I’m so proud of how it turned out. Seriously folks, you have NO IDEA the amount of emotion, love and joy went into drawing this piece, it is so special to me.

On the journey home, at the end of this wonderful weekend I found myself feeling so satisfied, so happy and I started counting my blessings so here are some more :

Blessing #5 – That we live in a country that offers such amazing healthcare (One of my friends has a son who is profoundly deaf but with the aid of cochlear implants is thriving.)

Blessing #6 – Family – We stayed with mum’s cousins family over the weekend and they are seriously one of the most loving, hilarious and God-centered familys you’ll ever meet.

Blessing #7 – Those who have gone before – I was marvelling at the roads through the blue mountains and the foresight and engineering that went into the blasting of the rock and the building of the roads that allow us to travel so effortlessly though them in safety.

Blessing #8 – That we have roads at all! Roads that are maintained, roads that are safe, roads that don’t have bomb craters in them . . .

Blessing #9 – Mum – That I have an amazing mother who is willing to drive me the three hours east to see my friends so I can conserve my energy. My mum, who is willing to drive me to a party and come and pick me up a few hours later (thats 2 x a 40minute round trip), my mum, who is so proactive when it comes to my health has figured out and currently in the process of brewing Kombucha for me . . . I could go on and on and on and on . . .

I could go on and on and on and on . . . As I sit here and start listing them like this I keep coming up with more and more  . . . The point is folks that it is so easy to sit back and complain about every little thing in life that goes wrong and annoys you, believe me, i know! But you have a choice to not let those things get to you, to consciously look around you for the good. To look around and see all of the things you have to be grateful for. Trust me, its a good habit to get into. Thats what this weekend has taught me.

Until next time nerds, try looking on the bright side . . .






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