Happy New Year (Blah Blah Blah…)


This Blog post is NOT about New Years Resolutions!

Whenever I have attempted these resolutions in the past, part of me (perhaps on some self-sabotaging subconscious level) seems to want to do the opposite. As soon as the resolutions leave my mouth, as soon as the rules are in place, part of me wants to (AND DOES) break them.

So here is a list of things that I may or may not get done/achieve this year. Its a list of things I’m working towards, a set of goals/dreams that is by no means comprehensive. If I achieve them all, GREAT . . . If I don’t, well I’ll keep trying.


  • As a self-taught artist/illustrator I need resources to help me get my head around the creative industries. I need helpful tips, I need practical tutorials and I need real world examples of the ones who have gone before to learn from. The Image above is of just a few books that I want to read this year. Reading isn’t easy for me, my concentration isn’t the best due to chronic illness and my eyes fatigue easily but I am determined! Other resources I find SOOOOOOOOOO useful are Blogs and of course YOUTUBE! There are HOURS of practical tutorials on youtube so I’ll definitely be watching more of those as well.


  • I am determined to finish my Diploma of Graphic Design this year . . . A course that should have taken me 18 months/ 2 years by distance has now been stretched out over 4 1/2 years due to my chronic illness. In February I will hopefully be picking it up again for what will HOPEFULLY be my FINAL year of study. Though I have learnt over the years you never know whats around the corner, I feel sure that I will get it done.



  • A few days ago I ordered a printer. This printer prints with twelve inks and will allow me to produce gallery-quality prints (Gyclee prints for those of you in the know) of my illustrations to sell. This means that I will have complete control over the whole process of selling my work from the creation right through to the postage, effectively cutting out the ‘middle man’, cutting out the stress of finding a suitable printing house, cutting out the stress of dealing with potential difficult personalities . . . Basically, it will cut out A LOT of stress for me (My body goes on strike at the mere mention of stress). I’m still waiting for the printer to arrive but the inks arrived today . . . This is getting real people . . . The point being – I will be opening an online ETSY shop sometime in the near future (cue-stress reaction).



  • Although I do my illustrations on my iPadpro I want to be able to produce good quality artwork the old fashioned way. I feel so much more connected to the art I’m producing if I’m doing it with paper, it means so much more. For me the difference between digital and analog art is like talking to your best friend over the phone versus catching up in real life; the phone works fine but every now and then you just really need to hang out. When it comes to creating a unique piece of art, I have never been able to settle on one medium. My stubborn thirst to conquer them all can not be quenched – Believe me, I’ve tried! (You know that saying ‘get your kids into art so they never have enough money for drugs’? WELL ITS TRUE!) Watercolours are one medium that I have yet to tame and so I requested these Winsor and Newton watercolour markers for christmas to attack the ‘problem’ from a different angle. Seriously, these things are so much fun! I am determined that this year will be the year that I develop complete mastery over Watercolours!



  • Did you know you can now get water-soluble oil paints?! You know what this means don’t you?! NO MORE TURPENTINE! As someone who is sensitive to chemicals (again my damned chronic illness) I never thought my body would allow me to paint with oils – THINK AGAIN! Some glorious nerd in a secret lab someone chemically altered oil paints so they can bind with water, this means you can thin them out with water (or the water soluble mediums that you can now buy also!), you can clean your palette with water and you can wash your brushes with, you guessed it, WATER! HURRAH or glorious nerds! Now I can master oils as well! (There goes that stubborn thirst again!) I have a series of paintings that I want to do (Im not giving any more information on them yet) and I’ve envisioned doing them mostly with oil, Im not sure why, but now its possible so thats something else to work towards this year.


So this year is gonna go something like this . . . One foot in front of the other . . . Slow and steady wins the race . . . Practice makes perfect . . . DON’T FREAK OUT! haha





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