2 steps forward, one step back . . .


It occurred to me this morning that I completely forgot to write a blog post last week! I really need to set a schedule and stick to it. I guess I was just busy drawing, thats usually why I forget things . . . You know, like stretching, eating, sleeping, talking to people . . .Drawing is just so much better than all of that . . .

So what have I been drawing?


I drew the picture above for a competition run by Frankie Magazine. I’ll find out if i’ve won anything on the 2nd of February so fingers and toes crossed!


I decided to re-vamp my ‘Shakespeare in a Jar’ because the original felt rushed and not up to standard. Funny note: I drew this while watching ‘South Park’, it felt kinda wrong, haha.

This week I felt the urge to give my watercolours another go, with the aid of my new watercolour markers. I found a photo online of a Gouldian Finch and set to work. Below is a picture of the first layer of paint.


I’ve learnt that patience is the key so I painted a layer and then walked away to let it dry completely and clear my head. Below is a photos of what it looked like after three (?) layers of watercolour, some gouache and my polychromo pencils . . .


I then scanned it into photoshop, tidied the edges, tweaked the colours and printed it with my awesome printer. Below is a giclee print of my Gouldian Finch. I was absolutely mesmerised by the quality. If you look closely you can see the texture of the original painting. PERFECT!


After my success (FINALLY) with the watercolours I decided to try my hand at my water soluble oils. I was feeling overly confident. I rushed the process and massacred the picture (see below) but on a positive note I know exactly what I did wrong and will endeavour to do it better next time . . . and you can be sure that there will be a ‘next time’ VERY SOON! I am determined to master it . . . I WILL master it!


I had a wonderful realisation a few hours after my fail. I used to sink into a state of despair and want to give up when something like this happened previously. This time however, I took it on the chin, cleaned up my workspace, rested for a few hours and once my head was clear I started to formulate a plan for my next attempt. It seems that I am finally learning that mistakes are all apart of the process (No kidding!). It seems that instead of thinking of improvement as a pipe dream, I’m finally believing that it will happen if I keep on practicing. Although the oil painting was a fiasco, the Gouldian Finch was a triumph and I am so proud of how far I have come. Perhaps I have what it takes to make it in this art caper after all.

Until next time, Live long and prosper




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